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Prarzoo provides the world’s most effective and attractive professional development opportunities for educators. We offers workshops, coaching, academies and courses to trainers, teachers and administrators worldwide. What makes us different from other training organisation is our structures.Our structures is research-based that have a track record of improving social outcomes and academic achievement.


The vast experience of our presenters means that you receive training that is especially designed for teachers of all ages. Cutting-edge instructional strategies, which raises the student efficiency and overall communicative aptitude.

Powerful questioning strategies which can be immediately implemented regardless of one’s skill / experience with Prarzoo. We also help in increasing the thinking skill of all the students.

Creating awareness about the different dimensions of the technology.

Examing the science behind multi-dimensional thinking

Our workshops are designed to make an individual capable to develop their career to its fullest potential. Workshop helps participants to discover and share their experience to achieve together. Workshop encourages the thinking, learning and creativity.

The vision to develop India as a Cyber Secured Country

Prarzoo Software Solutions, is working towards the vision to develop India as a Cyber Secured Country. It is a leading player in India to provide IT Security Workshop & Ethical Hacking to all possible audience. Ethical hacking is an important tool in many companies and even in national security agencies. An Ethical Hacker is generally appointed in the corporation and can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate computer systems using the same methods as a Hacker.


  • College students looking career in Cyber Security Industry.
  • Person having interest in Security & Hacking.
  • IT Professionals, Network Engineers, Web Developers.
  • The workshop can be attended by students from any branch.

Android Application Development

Bringing the world together like never before

Today Android had captured the largest part of the market. Android is mobile operating system developed by Google based on Linux, designed basically for touchscreen mobiles such as tablet computers and smart phones in conjunction with the open handset alliance. Android is the largest installed base for any Mobile platform and is growing at a very rapid rate. Prarzoo is organising the workshops with the aim of helping people in being updated with latest and new technology and giving a platform to enter the world of Android App Development.


  • College students looking for career in Mobile (Android) Industry.
  • Person having knowledge and interest in Android Technology.
  • This workshop can be attended by all Students of any branch.


  • The candidates will be certified as “Android Development Expert “ by Prarzoo Software Solutions ”.
  • With our workshops candidates will learn and interact with reowned Industrial Experts
  • Hands-on practical workshops on Android Application Development.

At this workshop participants will learn to develop applications in the latest operating system with practical execution and start managing your own cool applications like an expert. Further you can even sell out these application and earn good amount of money.

Embedded System & Robotics

Robot building is a creative process

Prarzoo offers a Workshop on Embedded system & robotics. Embedded Systems & Robotics is the microcontroller based robotics workshop, in which you can learn the art of making autonomous robots. With this workshop our aim is to bridge a wide gap between robotics and robotics hobbyist (and amateur robotics) in the industry. This will enlighten a spark to chase robotics seriously with great passion. This workshop will help candidates to enhance their embedded C programming and PC hardware interfacing.

Embedded system is a scaled-down computer designed to perform a specific operations and tasks. It is a software program on a hardware chip drafted for a specific purpose and can also contain some moving parts.

Robotics is the science of building and designing robots suitable for real life application in automated manufacturing and other non-manufacturing environment.

Who can attend the workshop

  • College students looking for career in Robotics and Embedded Systems.
  • Person having knowledge and interest in Embedded Systems.
  • Students of Engineering can attend this workshop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bringing the world together like never before

SEO is the process or technique through which a website can achieve a better ranking on the search engines and it promotes on the world wide web in such a way that it attracts genuine unpaid or organic traffic to the website. Only a professional team of experts in Search Engine optimizers like us can successfully implement the SEO processes in an effective manner so that it delivers the desired result.


SEO is the process of getting traffic free from the organic, natural or editorial search results on search engines. Whenever a visitor enter a query in a search engine and click enter you get a list of web results that contain that query term. Mostly Users tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query.

Have you ever wondered why these websites rank better than the others, then you must come to know that it is because of a strong web marketing technique called SEO.


This is a perfect and beginner’s session for any business entrepreneur, marketing consultants or anyone involved in planning a website with little or zero experience in SEO. You may be considering outsourcing your SEO activities and would like a more comprehensive understanding before deciding how to move forward.

  • Marketing and sales professionals entrepreneurs can attend the workshop.
  • The person with Web Design & Development Professionals can also attend the workshop.
  • SEO workshop is also useful for content writers.
  • Digital marketing professionals students who don’t know SEO well.
  • Anybody interested in building career in SEO Industry.


  • Discover how to create pages that will stand the test of time with top visibility to the most correct searching audience and for the maximum percentage of time.
  • Quickly understand the newest ways to optimize any Web page with more accuracy than ever before.
  • Enjoy step by step, personalized, hands-on instruction delivered to you by SEO industry leaders
  • How to Build High Quality Relevant Links and Establish a “Trust Factor”.
  • Learn the basics of relevant SEO link building.
  • Learn the basics of Social Media Marketing and how to tie your Social Media into your SEO.
  • SEO review of your website and much more!

Email Etiquettes

Bringing the world together like never before

In this age of technology, email is the preferred and often most efficient form of communication, yet many organizations overlook this very important form of business communication.


  • Learn how to write messages that are more effective.
  • Recognize the importance of creating a professional image via email.
  • Learn practical techniques to make your email appear more professional.
  • Master effective email structures to achieve clarity and successful communication
  • Learn to work within principles or ‘rules of thumb’ to ensure professional, clear & effective emails.
  • Learn to write professionally and brand Broadcast emails.
  • Format messages for readability.

This email etiquette workshop teaches participants to write clear, professional, effective email messages. Workshop attendees learn to write concise, descriptive subject lines and to state their purpose clearly at the beginning of each message. The smallest details do much to convey tone and courtesy, so other topics include salutations, closings, signature files, word choice, and the importance of adhering to traditional rules of grammar. Finally, training participants consider some of the ethical risks associated with excessive or indiscriminate copying and forwarding of email messages, as well as when to avoid email altogether.

Effective Communication & Presentation

Bringing the world together like never before

At Prarzoo Effective Communication and presentation workshop Learn the art of effective communication from our select panel of Voice Artists-Trainers. Understand how to enhance the spoken word, to better your overall verbal communication skills. This verbal communication and presentation skills workshop has been designed for people who talk for a living. People in sales and marketing, lawyers, corporate executives, teaching professionals, public speakers, online presenters, television & radio personalities etc. will immensely benefit from this workshop.Presentations come in nearly as many forms as there are life situations. In the business world, there are sales presentations, informational and motivational presentations, first encounters, interviews, briefings, status reports, image-building and of course training sessions.The principles of Prarzoo communication are the same in all of these areas, and all will be covered on this workshop.


  • Elements of effective communication and argumentation.
  • Overcoming public speaking stress and anxiety.
  • Communicating in an international environment.
  • Determine audience attitudes and needs.
  • Use both common and high-tech media effectively.
  • Structure presentations to gain maximum effect.


  • Program helps overcome the initial fear of facing people confidently and allow you to perform to your potential.
  • Bargaining and persuasive skills will be improved leaps and bounds that help in getting out of tricky situations well.
  • Increasing confidence as you become more comfortable with presenting.
  • Reduced stress as you have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t .
  • Be aware of verbal and non verbal behaviours.
  • Know how to implement effective interpersonal communication in a work setting.
  • Listeners are made to participate more in the discussion and thereby increase the interaction and success rate exponentially.
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