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The retail industry mainly comprise of discounts from various services from physical locations like shopping malls, stores etc. merchandise or from virtual online shopping store. Competition characterizes the retail industry more than any other business driver. Globalization, diversification and deflation of sales channels is changing customer demands which have merged to create a cutthroat environment in which retailers struggle to turn a profit these profitability challenges involve both cost and revenue. We have successful heritage for providing fully customized and most innovative web solutions for retail industry with the help of our domain expert team of retail industry website designing and development services.

One of the primary requirement of the rapidly increasing online retail industry is the maintenance and setup of a secure IT infrastructure that complement core operations without the need for extensive maintenance. Today, a complete software package which meets the continuously evolving economic activity is a crucial for retail companies across the globe.

Prarzoo Software Solutions helps global retailers deliver a greater experience that engages customers, enhances relevance and value and, and builds a competitive advantage. We do this with tailored strategies and expert teams. Our strengths are:

  • Endless categories and number of images for the products.
  • Easy and simple order processing.
  • Secure and reliable payment gateways.
  • Streamline helps to create brand identity for your business process.

Prarzoo has a successful record of guiding numerous retailers in their journey of growth and helping them add value to their business. We look at your end to end processes and design easy to use solutions that revolve around your expectations, needs and help you achieve true operational efficiency.

We focus to deliver a solution that has integrated environments that drive efficiency and in the stores between lines of business and within the supply chain.

Key benefits of our retail solution for the orporate users: –
  • View sales conversion and productivity metrics
  • Get sales analysis and drill down to sales person, store and product.
  • Examine inventory levels across stores
  • Instant communication to all stores
In store features : –
  • Up to date details on product specifications, pricing and warranty information
  • Product availability look up and hold (in-store and nearby locations)
  • Product upselling and cross-selling information
  • Locate in-store product expert (through store associate profiles and shift schedules)
  • Social communication for continuous feedback from store associates to corporate

Our experience with brick and mortar stores helps us to develop and maintain mission critical POS (Point of Sale) solutions in store Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, pawn shop solutions, customer loyalty programs, inventory management extranet and back-end operations systems. We help our retail clients by providing them the flexibility to remain on the competitive edge. We help them in maintaining their existing systems, testing their retail information systems and developing custom application along with the business process outsourcing needs.

Retail has become the pulse of the economy. Our retail solutions help retailers to run their retail operation whether online or brick and mortar stores effectively, efficiently, and competitively by effective use of available technology. We have expertise in integrating and implementing with leading retail and e-commerce application while also providing smart insights through business analytics.

How Prarzoo Helps

Prarzoo Software Solutions retail practice spans the complete retail enablement journey across the: –

  • In store customer experience
  • Merchandising science and channel convergence

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