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Today, market equations have diluted with clients looking for superior user experiences, active engagement and wide product knowledge. Prarzoo offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions for supporting business models and help clients to maximize sales and build strong market reputation.

Our Services

• Website Development Support for B2B and B2C E-commerce Sites
• Accelerated Deployment of e-commerce websites
• Round the Clock Technical Support
• Consultancy, Development, and Maintenance of E-commerce Platforms
• Seamless Integration of Distribution Channels and Systems

Benefit to Businesses

• User-friendly and Easily Navigable Websites
• Increased Conversion Rate with Multi-channel Sales
• Maximized Customer Retention
• Downsized Operational and Customer Acquisition Costs
• Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonments

M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce)

It is the use of wireless hand-held devices such as laptops and cellular phones to conduct commercial transactions on-line. M-Commerce transactions continues to grow, and the term includes the purchase and sale of a large range of goods and services, bill payment, online banking, information delivery and so on.It is also known as M-Commerce.

Fast growth of M-Commerce is being driven by a number of positive factors – the demand for applications from an increasingly mobile customer and consumers base; the speedy adoption of online commerce thanks to the resolution of security issues; and technological advances which have given wireless hand-held devices advanced efficiency and substantial computing power.

5 M-Commerce Features That Build Customer Loyalty:

In order to achieve the most out of M-Commerce, on-line shops should offer a mobile shopping experience that engages customers and creates loyalty. Mobile native apps are an effective way to create customer loyalty because they engage customers in an interactive manner on daily basis.
With Prarzoo’s native app solution, online retailers can go beyond push notifications with extra target marketing features to make sure the long-term customer retention and increased sales.

The following M-Commerce features offered by Prarzoo Software Solutions to help online shops, maximize sales and build customer loyalty:

1. Daily Deals

The Daily Deals feature let retailers to offer live limited-time discounts for their products to Maximize the sales. Offering a daily deal is a great way to keep customers coming back and to attract new customers. Customers who buy daily deals normally tell their family and friends about it, which results in effective selling of products.

2. QR Code Shopping Scanner

A QR Code shopping scanner is a strong mobile engagement tool which allow retailers to reach customers offline to lead them to online products or redeem coupons. A few useful locations to place QR shopping codes includes printed ads, flyers, packages and billing invoices.

3. Ad Scanner

With the integrated ad scanner by Prarzoo Software Solutions, on-line shops can make every printed ad a point of sale. This feature permit customers to scan any product and be directed to the product within a mobile app from where it can be purchased.

4. Barcode Scanner

Online retailers can leverage Prarzoo’s integrated barcode scanner to show the best prices of products to customers and simplify comparison shopping.

5. Product Ratings

Customers always want the best deal for their money, and Prarzoo’s product ratings feature permit retailers to import their product ratings to their mobile shop to help customers in identifying the quality trusted products on-the-go.

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