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Bringing the world together like never before :

Prarzoo is a globally recognized company which provide the Industrial Training program for all MCA / B. Tech / BCA / MSc (IT) / BSc (IT). Our mission is to provide supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the technical knowledge and skills knowledge to become a successful citizen, social and responsible of India.

Industrial Training means to get work experience that is relevant to professional development prior to completion of degree. Students require industrial training to achieve the awards in any of the technical degree (BCA , MCA / B. Tech / BSc (IT) / MSc (IT)). With Industrial Training students gets the advantage of gaining real – world experience. Industrial Training will be considered the most important experience while facing the first job interview by the students.



Summer training program is a valuable and career oriented program for students. Summer training is the easiest way to develop your skills and knowledge. This is the best way to know about their field. It provides a effective knowledge about the course practically as well theoretically. This is easiest way to improve your knowledge and skills to get a chance to work with companies.

It an important part of the education process as it allows students to learn and experience technologies beyond the prescribed curriculum but demanded by the industry.

During the period of summer training students are familiar with the actual organizational culture of an environment and also with industrial projects. Trainee can get to learn about the practical aspects of implementation like programming, coding, debugging, decoding, configuration, administration, designing, installation skills under the mentorship and guidance of industrial trainers and experts.



This is same as Summer Training Program. Prarzoo had launched Winter training program for those students who could not utilize his summer vacation. This is also for those students who want to gain extra knowledge of about their field. Prarzoo is committing for providing opportunities for the professional as well as personal growth to our trainees.

WTP is an initiative of Prarzoo for various career oriented trainings in winter vacations every year. This programs provides training solutions to all engineering undergraduates. Now get your career on track with our winter training certification drive by India’s Top training organization.

Prarzoo Training Program Benefits

  • Provide in – depth corporate knowledge of a function to the students.
  • It help students in deciding the kind of specialization they want to pursue.
  • 100 % practical training. Students will get practical knowledge in various fields.
  • After completing the training, students will get the training certificate.
  • Giving opportunities for students to get the practical knowledge and training before graduation.
  • It improves personality development, technical and communication skills.
  • Advance and core features of each technology, are covered in interactive class room.

Prarzoo has created IT awareness programs to provide large number of people with basic IT skills thereby bridging the digital divide. Our objective is to provide proficient man power to support the highly tremendous development programs, being executed in the country.

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