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Health insurers must consider clients acquisition and retention strategies as consumers now have a choice in the marketplace. Prarzoo offers healthcare solutions to meet marketplace changes while strengthening member relationships.

Prarzoo identifies the strategic importance of every point of contact with your members, including enrollment materials, explanation of benefits(EOB), statements and the payment and reconciliation process. We can help you to turn every interaction into an opportunity to enhance member engagement, increase loyalty and positively impact profitability.

Our Solution

As a worldwide leader serving more than 40 health-care insurance companies, we are able to provide the cost efficiencies, expertise and revenue creating opportunities associated with working with a powerful, single-source provider. Our solutions for health-care insurance companies includes:

  • Healthcare Member Communications: Transform welcome kits, member ID-cards, statements and bills and letters into health management tools, customized for every member. By integrating various data streams, we combine information such as age, gender and risk-assessment factors with transactional data, then delivers the communication according to your member’s preference – paper, mobile, email, web or tablet.
  • Easily implement a client-based solution that will help you to facilitate faster, more efficient payments from your members with a multi-channel approach. Consumers can pay by cash, use a credit, prepaid or debit card with payments made through multiple channels, or use electronic bill payment and presentment.


  • Committed to protect customers confidentiality and privacy by complying with rigorous industry regulations and adhering to our security norms for data, facilities and personnel
  • Delivers a multi-channel billing and payment solution with the capability to reach all the audience, collect payments faster and reduce expenses
  • Enhance members communication by combining transactional data with target, relevant messaging at the members level, to change behaviors and reduce claims
  • Experienced provider for Medicaid and Medicare services
  • Improves reconciliation and accelerating cash applications, without making capital investments
  • Improve cash flow and productivity by automating EOB posting
  • Increase cost efficiencies by working with a single-source provider
  • Leverage our industries experience to solve complex business problems

What We Offer

Billing and Payment Solutions

Billing and Payment Solutions from Prarzoo enable organizations to balance customer demands for multichannel billings and payment options while improving clients satisfaction and minimizing costs.

Healthcare Member Communications

Whether you want to deliver health statements, premium bills, check’s, ID cards or EOB summaries, you can depend on Prarzoo to produce all your materials correctly, on time and in full compliance with industry regulations.

Popmoney for Disbursements

A process of sending payments to your clients or business partners can be time-consuming and paper-intensive. Pop-money® for Disbursements from Prarzoo provides you an efficient digital solution for sending payments rapidly and securely.

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