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E-Governance Practice

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E-Governance Practice

Prarzoo Software Solutions E-Governance services caters central and state governments, public sector units, various organizations and government bodies to provide IT-based governance services that work for all stakeholders. Our e-governance practice helps to improve transparency, efficiency and policy effectiveness, enabling “Smart Governance” in areas that are connected to citizens.

Government Projects Key Areas:

  • Tailor services to end-user regional and individual preferences
  • Providing a transparent service mechanism for citizens
  • Increasing the efficiency of the government through services
  • Providing explicit services to individuals/citizens/consumers
  • Ensuring effective delivery of services to citizens
  • Reporting the outcome of various governance services

What We Do?

We keep dedicated government solutions team to target on the different nature of challenges confronting governments. Having huge experience across a number of complex governance projects, our specialists are able to develop, conceptualize and deliver the best solutions that allow government to meet their stakeholders’ interests. With access to innovative technologies, we deliver balanced solutions to clients to cope up the expectations of their end-user groups.
Successful e-Governance occurs only when IT reach to the citizens in simplest way. We assists state and national governments to adjust their services effectively with the changing needs of both the citizen and the stakeholders.
To provide IT solutions we are empaneled with National and Several State Governments including NICSI, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana, Goa etc…

Services We Offer :

  • Effective Transparent Systems e.g.: Online polling, voting, and Campaigning.
  • Software and Web Applications Development
  • Pushing information over the Internet. For e.g: Regulatory Services, Public Hearing Schedules, Issue
    Briefs, Notifications, etc.
  • Portal Development
  • Two-way communications between Government and Citizen/Stakeholders through Web Applications where users can participate in dialogue with government and post problems, comments, or send requests, suggestions
  • Conducting Transactions-For e.g.: Pay fees, Lodging tax returns, Applying for services and Grants.

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