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Complete ERP Solution
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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software from “PRARZOO” for real-time, fully-integrated, easy to use ERP Systems that simplify your business success. We can also call custom software as tailor made software or bespoke software. Custom software is designed for a single client and it can assist that client’s particular expectations and preferences. Custom software development is usually considered to be expensive as compared to off-the-shelf solutions or products. Off-the-shelf software is the opposite of custom software and is known as pre-written or pre-packaged software.

Custom software may be designed through stage by stage processes, enabling all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications. Companies generally use custom software for critical functions, including inventory management, HRM (Human Resource Management), content management, customer management or to fill the gaps present in the existing software packages. Custom Software is a computer program which is designed according to the your company’s way of doing business.



  • With custom software data conversion from your old application to your new one.
  • Flexible and upgradeable
  • It is designed especially for your department or company.
  • With custom software one can incorporate features from other software.
  • Built with industry standard development tools.
  • On-line help files or other documentation.

Custom software development with Prarzoo Software Solutions is all about world class solutions which drives the value to your business. Our software developers and UX designers are experts that work with you at every step of the way as a dedicated product team to solve your problems.

We use Scrum, a form of Agile methodology, to ensure on budget and on time delivery of your software. We work in two week sprints, allowing you to access a staging environment where you can perform acceptance of your continuously developing applications.

All source code developed by Prarzoo Software Solutions is stored on Git and accessible to your internal technology team throughout the project. When the project is complete, we transfer the ownership to your team.


​How can Prarzoo help you ?

We offers a wide range of services that include : –

  • Application modernization and re-engineering
  • Application operations and management
  • Application consulting
  • Application integration and migration
  • Application development and custom application development
  • Independent validation and verification

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